Your Questions about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Answered

November 08 2017Posted by WebSiteAdmin

What Is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Effective Search Engine Optimization or SEO ensures that your websites are not lost in the labyrinth that is the online world. In the millions and millions of pages available online, how do you ensure that your website is seen? SEO is a major part of the answer.
Effective white hat SEO is a proven method to improve your website’s search engine rankings. It means that with proper optimization your website appears in the top pages of a Google or Bing search. The search algorithms of Google or Bing are closely guarded secrets. There is no guarantee that SEO will give you the top ranking for the keyword you wish to rank on. But SEO can get you close to it. And the search engines love websites that offer compelling and relevant content.
On-Page Vs Off-Page Optimization
SEO work can be completed both on-page (on your website) and off-page (off your website). Some of the on-page SEO work involves choosing the right content, relevant keywords, and correctly formatted URLs. Those are just a few of the factors. Google will also test your website for page loading times, optimization of HTML or Javascript, and usability. Some of the major off-page SEO activities involve creating quality backlinks from quality websites targeting specific conversion focussed key phrases.


What are the Differences between SEO and SEM?

Search Engine Marketing or SEM is the broader aspect of SEO. Most people focus on SEO but forget that SEM is also an equally important factor in building up a robust online presence. SEM means that your digital marketer will closely align the SEO efforts with paid ads, paid listings, and sponsored links.


How Does SEO Work?

A typical search engine has two main purposes: crawling, which involves accessing your website through your links, and indexing which involves adding webpages to the search. This information is processed through complex algorithms to give you the best results possible to any query. Effective SEO will answer the question that the visitor is looking for. SEO will target specific keywords and work at making your website rank well for those keywords. SEO functions like the digital PR arm of your company, strategizing your business ideas into keywords, and establishing the foundation for your overall digital marketing strategy.
SEO Strategy and Analysis
A well-rounded SEO effort has a cohesive strategy. It is the backbone of any SEO campaign. What is your website trying to achieve? What are its focus areas? Who are its competitors? What are your strengths? These are the typical questions that a sound SEO strategy will address. This is what the best SEO companies do.
SEO relies on quality content, key words and phrases, and substantial and relevant information. The best SEO companies know that SEO goes beyond just keywords or key phrases.
Search engines are getting smarter and smarter, combining technology with intuitive understanding of a visitor’s path. Developing an effective SEO strategy requires a good understanding of how Google (and other search engines’) algorithms work, knowledge of search engine ranking systems, and the ability to attract the right words and place it in the right context. A thorough understanding of marketing strategies integrated in the vast realm of social media is critical in developing a SEO plan. An effective SEO marketer knows his analytics. He is at home with data, crunching numbers and hits, which will help understand the success of a SEO campaign.


Do You Require SEO Management?

SEO management is investment for your company’s growth because it is the bedrock on which you build your website and boost traffic. SEO management requires professional management.
Google is but just one behemoth on the Internet search engine space. Others like Bing, Yahoo, and are also critical search providers who form a connection between your website and the visitor. Forming that connection is what Search Engine Optimization management does.


Why Choose Us for Your SEO Needs?

Orange Eclipse offers exceptional service and qualified SEO specialists with a proven track record. Our group of experts have delivered results to businesses ranging from start-ups to corporates. We work with you every step of the way, understanding your marketing requirements and overall goals for the company. We are also a team of professionals who believe in being different and not stick to a boilerplate approach. We tailor ourselves to suit you, just as we tailor your content to suit your website.
Learn more about our SEO services today.


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