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November 08 2017Posted by WebSiteAdmin

The Different Types of Mobile Apps

Mobile applications, known plainly as just “apps,” are synonymous with smartphones, and tablets. But did you know that there are different types of mobile apps? Yes. Apps can be classified into native apps, web apps, and hybrid apps.

Native Apps

Native apps are the ones that mostly are built into a device. Native apps have full access to features on the device like the list of contacts or the camera. They are completely compatible with the software used by the device, and can be a standalone entity.

Web Apps

Web apps are mini websites – tailored-down versions of standard websites that are adapted for a mobile.

Hybrid Apps

Hybrid apps are a combination of two things – the native app and the web app. The key difference is that hybrid apps are built a bit like web apps, but have access to features similar to a native app.


The Pros and Cons of Each Mobile App Type
Each of those apps we just described has its own pros and cons.

Native Apps

• Faster and smoother performance because they are built into the device
• Fully supported by the app store that it’s attached to
• Easier for developers to create


• Can work out to be slightly more expensive to develop, especially if the app has to work across multiple platforms and devices
• Maintenance costs, for the same reason, can be on the higher side
• Providing support would be complex, as users could use different versions, depending on their mobile device and its platform


Web Apps

• Maintaining web apps is relatively easy due to commonalities in the development process across multiple platforms
• Does not require approval from an app store unlike a native app
• Flexibility for faster bug fixes and updates


• Limited access to the device
• Can prove expensive to develop if it has to support multiple mobile web browsers


Hybrid Apps

• Developers like hybrid apps because it can be built using the same codes and languages used to build a website
• Hybrid apps are generally multi-platform, which means they are feature-rich and work across different devices
• Hybrid apps are a viable go-to-market strategy because of their versatility, and relatively lower development costs


• The architecture of a hybrid app is quite similar to that of a website
• Might not turn out to be optimal for the device it’s installed on
• Slower performance


Does Your Business Need a Mobile App?

There. We have discussed the different kinds of mobile apps. But the key question remains this. Does your business need a mobile app? There is no short answer. Like with everything else, we believe that different businesses have different objectives and there cannot be a ‘one size fits all’ policy.

If your businesses looking to grow, reach a wide audience, and sell aggressively, then yes, your business most likely requires a mobile app. Most of your customers use a mobile in some way or the other and chances are that most of them also use apps for ease of access and convenience.

Take Facebook for instance. The social networking site has over a billion mobile monthly active users. And 44% of all of Facebook’s billion plus users ONLY login from a mobile device. The app is used for photo sharing and status updates. More than 30 million apps have been made using Facebook’s platform.

An app can have all the features of your mobile website, but it can eliminate the clutter. A well-designed app is made to entice the viewer to take action. Apps are great for creating marketing channels, building brand recognition, engaging with customers, and cultivating return customers. With mobile usage growing rapidly, having a mobile app is one of the best ways to grab attention and market your products and services.


How Do You Know What Type of App You Need?

Good mobile app developers will help you decide just that. Speed, performance, flexibility across multiple platforms and devices, budget, the audience you target, and the features you want are all factors to be considered before deciding the kind of mobile app you need.


Why Choose Us?

Mobile app development requires extensive research, guidance, and planning. Many app developers will generally give you all the services you require with regard to app design, development, testing, and launch. What sets us apart from other mobile app development companies is the work we do before we even take on your project through our in depth discovery process. This helps to ensure that there is correct fit between the app and your target customer.

We don’t do just mobile app development. We provide personalized guidance. We listen to your concepts. We help you decide what type of app you need, based on your organization’s requirements, your budget, and your business objectives. We offer assistance every step of the way, so that you remain in tune with our work and ideas. Once the project is underway, we send you regular updates so that you have the flexibility to review, and make changes. We have some of the most talented and creative mobile app developers who have the capability to transform your ideas to reality. We specialize in Android app development and iOS app development.

Learn more about our Mobile App Development services today.


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