Great Website Design Will Make or Break Your Business

November 08 2017Posted by WebSiteAdmin

Times Have Changed

These days, the online world can make or mar your company’s bottom line. Today’s Internet consumer is merciless. Once a user enters your website all you have is two seconds on average to catch their attention before they leave. A good website design is the key to having a flourishing online presence.

Whether you are an e-commerce start-up or a massive company, a website is the leveler. It creates a lasting first impression. It is what connects you to your audience or customer. It can be a deal maker. Or a deal breaker.


Ok, So What Are the Ingredients for Good Web Design?

In a word? Usability. The word sounds simple but the execution is complex. Customers land on your website. They browse. Scan. And determine if they need to stay longer. All of which happens in around two seconds. That’s the time you have, to grab their attention, highlight your product, and lay the foundation for a decision in your favor. Smooth and easy navigation, intuitive site architecture, high responsiveness, and covert yet obvious visual clues are some of the usability factors that will help in keeping the user’s attention for a while longer.

Here’s an example of a website design that received the 2017 Webby Award for Best User Experience
Check out the clean interface with lots of white space. This eliminates clutter. And the reader’s attention is focused immediately. In one glance, you know what the website is about. In less than two seconds, this website is already leading the user to action.

We have been talking of two seconds throughout this page now. There is a reason. Time or speed is critical on the Internet. This is the age of living in the now. In an age where most everything happens with a click, people are impatient to seize time. Website loading times are highly critical because of this reason. A few seconds waiting time, and poof. Your user has closed the browser, and returned to his or her search. Bounce rates affect your SEO and eventually your site’s rankings on Google or other search engines. Good website design and responsiveness is one of the factors behind effective SEO optimization.

A good website designer will know that your site loads quickly. He would keep usability principles in mind while designing your website, minimize use of page-dragging elements like Flash and widgets, and compress images for optimal web use.

And a good designer would be aware that your website has to be responsive. That means the website must be optimized for all devices (mobiles, tablets, laptops), browsers (Chrome, Firefox, IE), and screen sizes (wide screens, small screens). Sometimes, a company might also target to elicit different responses from users using different devices. For example, an automotive website loaded with videos and graphics showing off the speed and engine prowess of its cars, might be perfect for desktop users. However, extensive videos and information overlay might hamper the speed and responsiveness of the site on a mobile.

If you have a web design that rates high on usability and is responsive you will have half the job done. Once the website is ready, you will want to promote your website using digital marketing. Those will be successful only if the website architecture is professional and the web design simple. These are elements that web design experts already will take care of for you, leaving you free to run your business the way you want to.


What Exactly Do Professional Website Designers Bring to the Table?

Aside from making a web design that is technically smooth, visually smart, and highly marketable (isn’t that good enough?!), website designers can contribute to all-round development. As we mentioned, it’s critical to understand the targeted end user, their likes and dislikes, and their online behavior. Good web design experts will understand the competition, the market, and be updated with the latest trends in web design. In order to make a site efficiently mobile responsive, the web designer will have an intuitive understanding of mobile user behavior and rebuild metrics accordingly. When you have a web design expert, you know that key elements like branding are not lost. Did we also speak of fonts, colors, navigation? All this and more. Remember your website is your business card on the web. You would want a good designer to be in charge of that.


Why Choose Us for Your Web Design Needs?

There are dime a dozen web design companies out there. But here’s why it might make sense for you to come to us. For starters, we take the bite out of technology, do away with the jargon, and give you the meaningful stuff. Our website designs are created keeping your business goals and the end user profiles in mind. Sometimes it’s a tightrope that we walk but this is what keeps us refreshed, and charged. We put the two together to create a web design that are clean, original, and user friendly. We ensure that we spend quality time with you to understand every aspect of your business. The more we get to know you, the better your website will be.

Our range of expertise extends from simple web page design to website maintenance, to providing more complicated, end-to-end e-commerce solutions, as well as assisting with online infrastructure.

Learn more about our Website Design services today.


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